Oakwood School COVID-19 Statement

Oakwood School remains a proud and aspirational school throughout the difficult days of COVID 19 pandemic.

School closures and the complexities of remote learning has brought with it many challenges but, as an inclusive school, we are committed to ensuring that all our students and families thrive through the provision of support for both their wellbeing and their academic progress. This inclusive ethos is something of which we are rightly proud at Oakwood, as we seek to fulfil our moral purpose of ensuring that no child or family is left behind or uncared for. This will underpin all our efforts as we learn and strive to find new and creative ways to support our school community during this difficult time.

In line with Government guidance, we will continue to provide face to face support for Year 10, by implementing a system that enables them to receive support in all areas of their studies in preparation for their GCSEs and further studies. This will, in turn, afford us the capacity to provide face to face support meetings for the other year groups, thereby ensuring that we are providing for every child.

We would like to thank all keyworkers and to voice our appreciation for the support of our students, parents, and staff.

Be confident in the knowledge that, together, the school community will continue to flourish and emerge from this challenge stronger, and better prepared for the modern world, than ever before.

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