Why is homework set?

Learning at home is a really important part of a student’s routine and ensures that learning is extended and reinforced. It is seen as vital to promote high standards of achievement, whilst also ensuring independence and good study habits.

Is there a policy about setting homework?

Yes, you can see the policy below and in the policies section of this website.

How can I help my child with their homework?

Parents or carers naturally want their child to do well at school, which means getting homework or revision done. The child, however, may have other ideas about how they want to spend their evening or weekend. 

There are things that parents can do to help make homework and revising for tests and exams easier for everyone. There is a helpful publication which may support you in providing the right support for your child. This is on the website.

How can I check what has been set for my child’s homework?

There are two ways: 

All homework that is set for every child is recorded by teachers on Show My Homework, accessible via the school website. Students and parents can see this homework and any attached documents. 

Every child also has a ‘planner’. Homework can also be recorded in the planner.

How do I express concern about the quantity of homework set?

If the concern is regarding a particular subject – then it is best to speak with the teacher concerned via telephone, email or letter. 

If the issue is more widespread – then it is best to speak with the tutor or Year Group Leader.

How does Ofsted view homework?

Ofsted see homework as an essential ingredient for good and outstanding schools. They expect that ‘appropriate and regular homework contributes to pupils’ learning’. It is investigated during inspection and a judgment is made under the umbrella judgment of ‘the Quality of Teaching’.

Homework, Revision and Research

Extended learningExtended Learning Club to be run 4 times a week after school.
Monday - Thursday each week 3.10-4.00pm in the Study Centre.

Open to any students wishing to do their homework whilst still at school, making full use of the schools resources.

Members of staff will be on hand to help if needed.

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