Groupcall Messenger

Oakwood School uses a communications system called Groupcall Messenger. 

This is used for SMS, Email and Truancy communications. These will still be sent from Oakwood School, although via a different email address and phone number.

Please ensure any emails from '' are whitelisted or marked as a safe sender.

If you believe you are not still receiving emails then please check your Spam/ Junk folder. If the emails do arrive here, please ensure they are whitelisted to ensure they are delivered in the future.

If you continue not to receive emails, please contact us.

The Groupcall Xpressions App

As part of this new system an app is available, called Groupcall Xpressions. This allows you to receive alerts via notifications, instead of waiting for an email or text message to arrive. You may also check a timeline of all messages received, allowing you to easily find previous messages from the school. You may also view messages specific to each child, allowing these to be easily found.

This app is completely free of charge and available to download from both the Google Play store and Apple App store. You may also view this on a website. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the 'Setting up Xpressions' section to the right or on the following link:

Setting up Xpressions



  • I'm not receiving Xpressions notifications, what can I do?
    • Please ensure you do not log out of the app, as notifications cannot be delivered if you are logged out. Please stay logged in to ensure you receive notifications.
    • If this still doesn't work, please ensure notifications for the app are enabled.
  • I have an account for children at multiple schools, who should I contact with an issue?
    • Please contact the school of the child's account you're having the issue with.
  • I've changed my email or mobile number, when will I receive emails or texts?
    • Until the school are updated with these new details, we cannot send any emails or messages to your new contact details. Please either contact us or fill in a Data collection sheet on SIMS Parent.
  • I've changed my email or mobile number, why can't I log into Xpressions?
    • Until the school are updated with these new details, Xpressions will prompt you to sign in with your old details. Once these are updated, you'll be able to log in with your new details.
  • I have more than one child at the school, why can I only see one?
    • Any child you have Parental responsibility over should be automatically added to the app. You'll also need to ensure you have given the same contact details for each child.
  • What number will SMS messages be received from?
    • Most messages will be sent from the contact of OAKWOODSCH. Only messages that require a response will be sent from a number, ending 253.
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