Students attending Oakwood are our ambassadors and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards we seek to achieve.

The uniform should be smart with all items clearly marked. If students are unable to wear the uniform for any reason the school must be notified in writing by the parents. Under no circumstances will we tolerate clothing or hairstyles which reflect adolescent cults.  School uniform can be purchased online, or by appointment only, from Your Image Limited.  View our uniform expectations presentation and read the uniform standards letter and see the required uniform listed below. 



Blazers (Compulsory) - Boys and Girls

Plain black with Oakwood badge in House colour

Jumper/Cardigan (Optional) - Boys and Girls

Plain black V-neck long-sleeved with House colour trim or plain black V-neck sleeveless jumper with House colour trim (available only from the school uniform supplier)
Shirt - Boys

Plain white with shirt collar and sleeves

Blouse - Girls

Plain white with open neck revered collar, blouse may be fitted to sit just over waistband

Trousers - Boys and Girls

Plain black tailored trousers in style suitable for school 

Skirts (Optional)

Plain black with pleated back (available only from the school uniform supplier)

Ties - Boys only

An Oakwood House tie (available  only from the school uniform supplier)


Hair should be of a natural colour and style, no shorter than a number 1 


Black socks only; Black or flesh coloured


All black sensible and serviceable school shoes that can be shone, providing protection on stairwells, in workshops and practical lessons

Outer Coats

Preferably outer coats should be of a dark colour in a style suitable for school.  We suggest that students who cycle to school should wear orange or yellow armbands/over jackets so they can be seen on dark days


1 plain ring only.  1 wristwatch.
1 plain ear stud in each ear (silver or gold coloured)

The school cannot accept responsibility for jewellery worn to school.
Safety notice: In the interest of safety we strongly advise all students to wear cycle helmets when cycling to and from school. 

PE Department

During your son/daughter’s time at Oakwood their lessons will consist of many different activities.
It is important that students remember to bring the CORRECT KIT. A towel is optional to allow students to shower should they wish to at the end of each P.E. lesson.
Kit left in the changing rooms will be collected at the end of the day and treated as lost property. This may be claimed from the P.E. staff.
During ALL lessons the changing rooms are locked, and valuables can be given to a member of staff and placed in a safe locker. It is advisable to leave valuable items at home.
Students excused on medical grounds must provide a letter from a parent on the day – this is acceptable for the first FOUR weeks, after which a medical certificate should be provided.

Winter/Outdoor Kit

  • Black shorts /Black Oakwood Skort
  • Black socks
  • White Oakwood polo shirt - compulsory 
  • Black Oakwood PE sweatshirt - compulsory
  • Trainers/football boots
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings
  • Shower towel - optional

Summer/Indoor Kit

  • White/black shorts / black Oakwood Skort (not cycling shorts or leggings)
  • White Oakwood polo shirt - compulsory
  • White socks
  • Trainers
  • Shower towel - optional

PTA Uniform Shop

Any requests for second hand school uniform can be directed to khumby@oakwood.surrey.sch.uk



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