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GCSE Results 2018

9 - 7 8%
9 - 5 58%
9 - 4 83%
9 - 1 100%

2018/2019 teaching staff: Miss T Searle, Mrs D Solari and Mrs S James. 

Faculty  Creative Arts
 Head of Faculty

 Mr R Hughes

 Head of Drama


 KS3 Specification

Year 7 Overview
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Introduction to Drama
The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty
Darkwood Manor

Year 8 Overview
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Theatre Skills

Year 9 Overview
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Curious Incident
Responding to Stimulus
Tilda Jenkins

Drama schemes of work in KS3 explore three main areas: Drama skills, Scripted and Devised work. These are the main components of GCSE Drama, so skills and knowledge taught in KS3 will support learning at this stage, should students choose to pick this as one of their GCSE options.

In KS3 lessons students learn and develop a range of Drama techniques such as still image, thought-tracking, narration and hot-seating, as well as spontaneous and rehearsed improvisation. Students have the opportunity to learn about theatre history and different genres and styles. They will explore Greek theatre, Commedia Del’Arte and Victorian Melodrama, as well as practically explore the ideas of well-known Theatre Practitioners such as Stanislavski and Brecht. A wide range of topics, issues and historical events are also explored practically, with examples including Titanic, homelessness and fictional stories.

Drama lessons encourage students to develop a wealth of skills; the ability to work as a team, to listen and contribute ideas, to co-operate, compromise and problem solve, as well as creativity, confidence, public speaking and evaluative skills. Students are assessed on their ability to respond, create, perform and evaluate drama, in addition to verbal contributions, creativity and ideas, group work skills, performing in front of an audience and the ability to adopt and sustain a role using characterisation skills. Students are also assessed on their verbal and written evaluations, where they reflect on what was effective and what could be enhanced and how.

 KS4 Coordinator  N/A

 KS4 Specification

Currently at KS4 Year 11 are following the Edexcel GCSE course in Drama. Unit 1 is an exploration of a topic/issue and Unit 2 is an exploration of a published play text. Students complete written responses in controlled assessment in response to practical workshops. Students also attend a theatre trip and write a theatre review in controlled conditions. The final exam for GCSE Drama (40% of the final grade) is a performance exam, assessed by a visiting examiner.

Year 10 are following the AQA specification for GCSE Drama. Component 1 is a written exam based on Theatre skills, the study of a set text and a theatre review. This exam will take place in the Summer of Year 11. Component 2 is a Devising exam, where students develop a piece of drama from a given stimulus and perform it to an audience. Students are expected to keep a detailed log of the devising process as this is worth a significant amount of marks. Component 3 is ‘Texts in Practice.’ Students will be expected to learn two scripted pieces and perform them to a visiting examiner. Students will be required to see at least two pieces of live theatre during the two years of this GCSE.

 Exam Board

Year 10: AQA
Year 11: Edexcel 


2016 Year 7 Darkwood Manor
2016 Year 7 Introduction to Drama SOW Overview Front Sheet
2016 Year 7 The Terrible fate of Humpty Dumpty SOW Overview
2016 Year 8 Theatre Skills SOW Overview Front sheet
2016 Year 8 Titanic SOW Overview
2016 Year 9 Curious Incident SOW Overview
2016 Year 9 Responding to Stimulus SOW Overview
2016 Year 9 Tilda Jenkins SOW Overview
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