Options Online

Please find below instructions on how to register for Options Online:

1. Firstly, you will need to sign in to the Oakwood School website using your standard username and password.

2. You will then need to navigate to the apps page using the 'Apps' button found in the top left corner of the Oakwood page.

3. Once on the apps page you must select the box named 'Outlook' to access your school email.

4. When selected you will be prompted to enter the time zone ('UTC+0:00 Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London').

5. You will then be taken to your school email where you will find your invitation to Options Online under the tab labelled 'Other'.

6. Open the email from noreply@sims and copy the invitation code.

7. Then select the 'click this link' option.

8. You will be prompted to sign in, use the Office 365 option.

9. Pick the '' account (If it asks for you to enter your details the email is your username followed by and your password is your Oakwood school password) and when asked by Microsoft for permission click 'Accept'

10. On the next page, paste the code into the 'Invitation Code' box and click register.

11. Finally, enter your birthdate and click 'Verify'.

After following these steps you will be registered, ready to make your choices when the options go live.

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