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Day 5 - Thursday

Day 5 on the slopes and the final blog of the trip as we set off home tomorrow night. We started out early this morning by taking all the students up to the glacier, the views were stunning, but sadly the wind was incredibly strong blowing snow and extreme cold into our faces, thus it was a quick step outside, admire the view, a quick selfie, 1 group photo and dash-back inside (-20 windchill was enough for anyone).

On the slopes, today was "Race Day"! All students had 1 hours skiing before doing a slalom race within their groups. The top 3 in each group were awarded medals for their speed, the races were fast and times incredibly tight with just 100s of a second separating some positions/medals. The students have been an incredible group, funny, positive, supportive, and willing to accept any challenge and push themselves at all times. The students have learned and improved faster than any group we have ever brought, this has made for the fewest nominations for the Awards that we have ever had and thus we have so far sustained no injuries, we have however picked up a sickness bug that has gathered momentum and has affected a large number of pupils, thankfully they have all recovered very quickly and got themselves out onto the slopes, however it will take time for us to recover from the clear up duties.

Today's awards went to the following students.  The crash award went to Emma S, for causing a small pileup as students got off the ski lift (controversial nomination as the jury was spilt on the culprit), the danger award went to Darcy M, for her projectile efforts. A new award tonight is the fastest skier, which went to Henry S and the other new award was the most improved skier, which went to Lewis T and coincidently it is also his birthday tomorrow.

Since this is the final message, on behalf of the staff we would like to thank the parents for allowing their children this fantastic opportunity (this trip has made our total number of student skiers pass the 1000 point) and to the students for a truly incredible week of fun filled skiing an sick. See you all Saturday evening. 

Day 4 - Wednesday

The sun was out and the temperature lifted for the first time, just a mere -9 today. Traditionally today is labelled "crash day" as the tiredness of the weeks skiing, thinner air and reduced sleep takes its toll. It is with much relief that we got through the day without any injuries, that's not to say that there wasn't loads of slips, spills and funny moments! The intermediate groups both took in blue runs, increased their speed and worked on their turns, to control their speed on steeper slopes. There was even a few little jumps thrown in for entertainment, which caused much hilarity and stories to tell. The advanced group has now completed all the red runs in the resort and is working on the same skills as the other groups, but at much higher speed and on slopes that are quite icy. This evening we took the students to the outdoor ice rink. The students had a great time, especially those who have never skated before. Tomorrow we are taking the students to the glacier before their lessons, so it's an early start for all.

Today saw the most nominations of the week. The crash hat went to Millie S, for more crashes than we can count inside a 10 minute period including doing the splits 3 times and ending up in the most unexpected places. The wally award went to Luke W, for causing a pileup on the end of the magic carpet and blaming a 4 year old for the incident. The danger bib went to Harry A for cutting  into the line and causing multiple crashes, and for taking his GoPro out with a flat battery after taking lots of selfies. The mystery award was presented to Mr Dronfield for falling over on the way to ice skating and pretending it didn't happen, thankfully I was able to pass the award to Jamie S who has a birthday tomorrow thus is the worthy recipient of the birthday hat. (he doesn't yet know this at the time of typing).

Day 3 - Tuesday

The weather today was very cold but clear blue skies and sunshine made the -16 bearable. The now intermediate groups, took in various blue runs, from the main lift system with the highlight being the "husky" run, which is a 4 km run, allowing the students to try out their snowplough turns and downhill race positions. The advanced group took in all red runs and part black on what was ice slopes. Again all students have made incredible progress and we are still blessed with no injuries. Tonight the students are very tired as the physical demands take their toll.

Today's awards went to the following; the prestigious crash award went to Tolly H, who whilst skiing backwards fell flat on her face.  The wally award went to Milly S who had fallen over and whilst the instructor was helping her up, pushed him to the ground. The dangerous bib went to Ella S, who has been cutting the group up and stopping randomly much to the amusement of onlookers. The special award went to Lewis T, who kept his room awake with his harmonious sounds whilst sleeping, only for his roommates to record it and then use them to wake him up in the morning.

Day 2 - Monday

Today saw the beginners pushed much harder than ever before, they took in their first chair lifts, which aided them to get higher onto the mountain whilst providing some entertainment and awards for later. The group was then split into 2 to aid the teaching and both groups worked on their snowplough turns on progressively harder slopes. The top group went up into the valley to take in fast red runs and worked hard on their "waggles and serpentine turns", not easy skills especially when performed at speed! Whilst up in the valley we saw several families of wild wolves on the rocks and thankfully at a safe distance.

The temperature today was very cold dropping to -14 with a wind chill of -17 (a few cold fingers) the group has been showing its resilience against the challenges of skiing, the bumps and bruises, the cold weather and a few have had altitude sickness, none have complained and just got on with the job!!! They are a real group of troopers. Last night we had a quiz and the top 4 teams were separated by just 5 points! After a tie breaker the staff thankfully kept their pride in tact by just pipping the year 11 students (clearly they're being well educated). 

Today's awards again had only a couple of nominations as the students are doing so well. Today's awards the crash hat went to Harry A for skiing too fast, falling and rolling like a ball. The wally award went to Luke W, for..... well just about everything you can get wrong. The danger bib went too Lewis T for crashing into the group, knocking over 2 other children and falling off the child's lift. The special award is for Josh N for lift bobbin!!!!!!!!

Day 1 - Sunday

After a very long journey, through stunning scenery, driving rain and then loads of snow, we arrived safely in resort. All students were happy to go to sleep at an early hour and rest for the first ski. The first lesson saw the group split into 2, group 1 was skiers with 1 week or more and group 2 was for the beginners. Group one went straight up into the mountains and took in blue and red runs and learned to ski backwards, well attempted too. 

Group 2 made progress like we have never seen before. After just 50 minutes, they were on the drag lift, this only normally happens on the second day. Not only dig they get on the drag lift but they were doing snow plough turns at speed! This is normally Day 3 session. Unfortunately as the students did so well, it gave us little or no nominations for the awards. You will be pleased to hear that there were no nominations for the crash hat. However the danger bib went to Emma S for cutting across her peers before falling.  The wally award went to Jamie S for stating he couldn't find his skis were when there was only 1 pair of skis left in the boot room. The Red Cross award went to Matt B who came to another students aid after they lost a glove and supplied a spare pair. The weather was cold -5 today and is due to drop to -10/12 tomorrow.

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