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Oakwood is delighted to provide Dance throughout the curriculum in KS3 & KS4.

Dance enables young people to gain artistic skills and discipline, as well as developing their ability in physical interaction, team working, problem solving, observing, evaluating, verbal and non-verbal communication.  Dance is an inclusive subject where all students (male and female) are given the opportunity to learn and develop in a safe and structured environment. There are many cross-curricular links explored in Dance lessons.

Subject Leads Ms E Griffin 
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Key Stage 3 

Throughout Key Stage three, the students develop their abilities in movement and technical disciplines. They will work in varying group sizes and learn to take risks with the development of their ideas. Students learn technical and performance skills, as well as exploring a variety of dance styles. They learn to analyse their work and the work of others. Assessment will take place and students will be assessed regularly on their concentration, collaboration, creativity as well as their dance ability.

Year Topic Name  
7 Cartoon Capers
  • ADSR – Action Dynamic, Space, Relationships
  • Performance & Evaluation
8 Guernica
  • Response to Stimuli
  • Choreographic Process & Development
  • Performance & Evaluation
9 Addiction
  • Set Phrase Choreography
  • Mental Skill
  • Motif Development
  • Performance & Evaluation


Key Stage 4 

Progression from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 is made through building on and developing the use of Dance techniques and  previously learnt and exploring age appropriate issues and contexts.


GCSE Dance is a fresh and vibrant qualification available to both male and female students which includes popular performances and choreography, alongside a collection of short and diverse professional work. The course is broken down into 2 components and 3 assessment sections. This course is physically demanding and requires commitment to the study of the subject including additional rehearsals beyond school time.

The course will suit any dancer who is willing to perform and extend their knowledge of dance via this qualification. Students should also be aware that this is a very physical course with 6 hours of practical dancing a fortnight. The course has contemporary dance at the core of its structure but, students will explore a variety of dance styles whilst learning the choreography and dance appreciation components.

Course Overview:

Component 1: Performance & Choreography - Total component 60%  – 3 Performances are filmed and marked by the centre, then sent to AQA for moderation.

Performance 1 (15%): Students will learn 4 Set phrases (contemporary dance) and perform and film 2 solo performance for examination - approximately one minute in duration each.

This part of the examination is completed by the end of year 10.

Performance 2 (15%): Students will perform duet/trio performances using the remaining set phases not used for their solo performance – the performance is a minimum of three minutes/maximum of five minutes in duration. Choreography - 30% of GCSE (40 MARKS)

Performance 3 (30%): Choreography - Students will produce a solo or group choreography based on a stimulus provided – a solo (two/two and a half minutes) or a group dance consisting of two to five dancers (three/three and a half minutes). Any type of dance style maybe used within the choreography

Component 2: Dance Appreciation - Total component 40% - Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Written Exam Students will develop knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills and be able to write about them in detail. Students will learn how to critic the choreographic processes, performance and appreciation of their own work and be able to write about them in detail. Students will study 6 different professional dance works and be able to write critical appreciation about them. Only one of the dances will appear in the exam.

Exam Board AQA

The Dance department also offer opportunities for students to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities, for example dance trips, dance style workshops, the Christmas Show, Whole School Production and KS4 rehearsals after school.


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