GCSE Results 2022

  Combined Science
9 - 7 14.3%
9 - 5 40.5%
9 - 4 64.1%
9 - 1 94%


  Biology Chemistry Physics
9 - 7 68.8% 56.3% 84.4%
9 - 5 100.0% 96.9% 100.0%
9 - 4 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
9 - 1 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%

2022/2023 teaching staff: Mr K Houlston, Mr S Harris, Miss C Mansfield, Mrs H Kitajewski, Mrs J Jennings, Mr A Macleod, Mr A Welch, Mrs Kelly Bird, Mr B Mattram, Mr M Ward and Mrs O Martin.

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Please find below the KS4 Science Revision resources One Drive folder:

Faculty Science
 Head of Faculty

Mr K Houlston
Contact for more details of Science curriculum

 KS3 Coordinator

Mr S Harris

 KS3 Specification

Year 7 Overview

Overview - Atoms, Elements & CompoundsOverview - Chemistry in the HomeOverview - EcosystemsOverview - ElectricityOverview - EnergyOverview - ForcesOverview - Mixtures & SeparationOverview - Muscle & BonesOverview - SoundOverview - The Particle Model 

Year 8 Overview

Overview - CombustionOverview - Earth & SpaceOverview - Energy TransfersOverview - FluidsOverview - LightOverview - Metals & their UsesOverview - Plants & their ReproductionOverview - RocksOverview - The Periodic TableThe study of science fires pupils’ curiosity about phenomena in the world around them and offers opportunities to find explanations. It engages learners at many levels, linking direct practical experience with scientific ideas. Experimentation and modelling are used to develop and evaluate explanations, encouraging critical and creative thought. Pupils learn how knowledge and understanding in science are rooted in evidence. They discover how scientific ideas contribute to technological change – affecting industry, business and medicine and improving quality of life. They trace the development of science worldwide and recognise its cultural significance. They learn to question and discuss issues that may affect their own lives, the directions of societies and the future of the world.

 KS4 Coordinator Mr K Houlston

 KS4 Specification

Science is about investigating how the natural world works. Our Science courses are designed to engage students' interests at every level by providing relevant and inspiring academic content and practical opportunities to undertake scientific enquiry and learn about the scientific process. Our wide range of Science qualifications provide choice and flexibility to suit students of different abilities and aptitudes, supporting them from understanding the basics to going on to pursue a career in science.

Exam Board AQA


Subject Documents Date  
AQA GCSE Chemistry TRIPLE specification 13th Dec 2019 Download
AQA GCSE Combined Science Specification 13th Dec 2019 Download
AQA GCSE Physics TRIPLE specification 13th Dec 2019 Download
AQA GCSE Biology TRIPLE specification 13th Dec 2019 Download
60 Revision Ideas 10th Jan 2020 Download
AQA Required Practicals Questions Markscheme 10th Jan 2020 Download
Good revision techniques 10th Jan 2020 Download
Science Revision Good Practice KHO 10th Jan 2020 Download
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