GCSE Results 2022

9-7 11.6%
9-5 36%
9-4 50%
9-1 98.8%

2022/2023 teaching staff: Mr C McCurdy, Mr J Sims, Miss C Rushton, Mr T Rose, Mrs S James, Miss N Guy, Miss M Dornan, Mr E Dronfield, and Mr J Easlick.

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Mr C McCurdy
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Year 7
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Year 8
Overview - AthleticsOverview - BasketballOverview - CricketOverview - HockeyOverview - NetballOverview - RoundersOverview - Rugby

KS4 Coordinator Mr S James


This course would suit those with an interest in sport-performing, analysing, watching and learning the theory behind it. This course is not just about playing games but a study of how the body performs both physically and mentally, tactics and rules of a range of activities, roles within sport and the sociological and physiological impact on a sports person.  Physical education offers the opportunity to investigate all of the above in detail, and as a result your performance will improve in addition to your knowledge and understanding of the many areas we cover. â€‹

Students will undertake a variety of sports/activities, finally offering three for formal assessment – 10% per sport. Students will plan, perform and evaluate their own physical training programme, which will equate to 10% of their final mark.  In addition to the practical element, students will study a science based theory component (2 written papers) to understand anatomical, physiological and psychological factors impacting on a sports person, how to improve fitness, how to prevent injury and slightly more controversial issues within sports such as drug taking, sponsorship and the media.

This course is demanding both physically and mentally.  The course will challenge and stretch all candidates and it is also a course that is enjoyable and enlightening.


Organisation is vital to the success of this course.  The students will have six lessons a fortnight, of which 4 are theory and 2 are practical.  These lessons are in addition to their core PE lessons.

Other skills that will be developed include: motivation, dedication, persistence, evaluation, coaching and performance analysis.  Knowledge will develop in the areas of anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology, rules of different sports, health and fitness, injuries in sport, diet and hygiene


Candidates offer for assessment 3 activities from the 2 different activity areas – Team and Individual. A minimum of 1 activity must be selected from each area.

Practical Skills = 40% of GCSE

Personal Exercise Programme (coursework)        10%      (please note that the assessment of this is written and is externally moderated)

Final Practical Assessment (3 sports)                 30%

Theory Component = 60% of GCSE

Paper 1 – Fitness and Body Systems (36%) 1 hour 45 mins

Applied anatomy and physiology, movement analysis, physical training and use of data.

Paper 2 – Health and Performance (24%) 1 hour 15 mins

Health, fitness and well-being, sport psychology, socio-cultural influences and use of data.

Exam Board Edexcel


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