GCSE Results 2019

Due to the cancellation of formal examinations in 2020.  The displayed results are from 2019.  The school is pleased to inform parents that all results continued to improve this year and we congratulate all pupils on their fantastic achievements.

  French German Spanish
9-7 13.2% 5.3% 25.9%
9-5 57.9% 52.6% 66.7%
9-4 84.2% 68.4% 74.1%
9-1 100% 100% 100%

2020/2021 teaching staff: Mrs H Stanton, Mrs U Bell, Mrs N Beckett, Ms A Sotty, Miss M Allen and Mr N Tunstill.

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In Modern Foreign Languages, we aim to develop students’ ability to communicate accurately and with confidence across all four skills (listening/reading/speaking/writing) in French, German and Spanish.

Homework is differentiated and compulsory. We set a piece of either learning or written homework every week. Students are expected to learn their vocabulary well, and it’s tested in class on a regular basis. Students are provided with a vocabulary booklet covering the key words for the year. We offer a wide range of resources in order to promote students’ independent learning and enjoyment of the language across all Key Stages. We also have subscriptions to interactive language software which can be accessed from home.

We are a dedicated and hard-working team including three native speakers for German and French, and we are all enthusiastic and extremely talented linguists. We are an experienced team and look forward to welcoming new teachers and trainee teachers in a supportive and friendly department.

MFL Enrichment & Extra-Curricular

Languages Club for year 7 pupils welcomes pupils of all abilities to share in the love of language learning.

ICT resources: vocabexpress, linguascope, languagesonline, ActiveLearn, Kerboodle, Quizlet

French: Each year we offer a residential visit to Paris that allows Year 8 pupils to be immersed in French language and culture. We also run a day trip to Lille Christmas Market.

German: For the last two years we have run a video conferencing scheme in KS3 with a German school in Aachen. We also offer a residential trip to Trier/Cochem in the Moselle Valley, where year 8 pupils are given the opportunity to practise their German language skills.

Spanish: Since 2013 Modern Foreign Languages together with Art & Design have offered a 5 day residential trip to Madrid. This trip is available to year 9 and year 10 students and of particular interest to those who study either subject at GCSE.

Faculty Modern Foreign Languages
of Faculty
Mrs H Stanton
KS3 Coordinator Mrs U Bell
(Deputy Head of Faculty)

Our modern language students will aim to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond in speech and in writing.  We will also provide opportunities for students to communicate for practical purposes, learn new ways of thinking and read authentic texts in their original language and to listen to native speakers. Our students will develop an appreciation for the languages studied and gain a deeper understanding of the culture of French, German and Spanish speaking countries.  Students will study one language in year 7 and then pick up an additional 2nd language in 8. Grammar is addressed and revisited throughout all topics. Students are taught in mixed ability sets across all of KS3.

Examples of topics studied in MFL based on their first foreign language include:


KS4 Coordinator Mrs H Stanton
(Coordinating KS4 as Head of Faculty)

In Key Stage 4, students can opt to continue with one of their languages from KS3. Familiar topics are revisited in greater depth and new topics are explored. The aim is to ensure that a wide range of skills, vocabulary and grammatical structures are covered in accordance with GCSE specification. The new GCSE course offers the opportunity to study a broad selection of texts including literary and transactional language. Students will learn how to communicate clearly and confidently in a foreign language. Students will develop an array of transferrable skills that allow them to speak in public, react to questions spontaneously and to develop problem solving strategies in order to successfully respond to different text genres.

The MFL course is generic to all three languages and covers 3 main themes:

•Identity and culture

•Local, national, international and global areas of interest

•Current and future study and employment

Students are taught in mixed ability sets in KS4, and the GCSE exams take place at the end of the two year course.

There are four papers carrying equal weighting (25% each) – one for each skill:  Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

All exams are set and marked by AQA.  There are tiered papers in all four skills, and students will be entered for either Foundation or Higher Tier across all four papers.

More information about the course and subject specification can be found at:

Exam Board AQA


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