GCSE Results 2019

Due to the cancellation of formal examinations in 2020.  The displayed results are from 2019.  The school is pleased to inform parents that all results continued to improve this year and we congratulate all pupils on their fantastic achievements.

  English English Literature
9 - 7 14.7% 13.8%
9 - 5 44.5% 46.0%
9 - 4 66.0% 68.3%
9 - 1 97.9% 97.4%

2020/2021 teaching staff:  Miss S Woodward, Mr S Herbert, Mr I MacDonald, Miss N Johnson, Miss F Bennett, Mrs E Edlin, Miss S Foster, Ms E Griffin, Mrs K Di Giorgio and Ms S Felston.

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Faculty English
 Head of Faculty

Miss S Woodward

 KS3 Specification

 Year 7 study:    

  • ‘Dracula’ the play 
  • Poetry by heart
  • Treasure Island (creative writing)
  • Shakespeare’s snippets
  • Seminal World Literature

Year 8 study:    

  • Dickensian snippets
  • Poetry by heart
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Language Skills
  • Of Mice and Men

For each topic at KS3 students will have regular assessments that are marked using the GCSE mark schemes. This is because each assessment is based on a skill required for GCSE. Students also enjoy fortnightly spelling tests and reading lessons. 

For more information, please see the KS3 Specification.   

 KS4 Specification

In English we follow a three year GCSE curriculum. Students start studying their GCSE course in Year 9. This is to allow staff and students more time to fully explore and enjoy the English Langauge and English Literature course. We follow the AQA exam board and students will take 4 exams (2 Literature and 2 Language) at the end of Year 11. This course is 100% exam based; there is no coursework. From Year 10, students will have the same English teacher for two years.  

For more information, please see the KS4 Specification and the Introduction to GCSE English.  

 Exam Board AQA
Subject Documents Date  
Introduction to GCSE English 13th Dec 2019 Download
KS3 Specification 13th Dec 2019 Download
KS4 Specification 13th Dec 2019 Download
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