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Create a Sims account using Office 365?

1.  You should have received an invitation from Sims online to you school email account


2. Click the Accept Invitation button in the invitation email from noreply@sims.co.uk. If you cannot find this email, please check your SPAM/Junk folder before contacting your school.

3. The Activate Your Account screen is displayed. Copy the invitation code displayed in the box but don’t click next
Click the Register with an External Account button.


4.  Select Microsoft/Office 365


5.  On clicking the button, you will be transferred to the Microsoft login page so enter your Oakwood e-mail address (username@oakwood.surrey.sch.uk) and computer password Create a Sims account using Office 365? Setting up an account for SIMS student

6.  Click the Yes button to grant SIMS ID permission to access your information. This screen is only displayed the first time you register an email address with SIMS ID.


7.  The Registration screen appears. Your oakwood email address and third-party provider are displayed so you can confirm you
have used the intended credentials. Paste your personal invite code from your invitation email that you previously copied, into the Invitation Code field. Click the Register button.


8.  At the Account Registration screen, answer the security question, usually your date of birth and click the Verify button. This is for security purposes only. This information  will not be used in the SIMS Online Services system. Your account is set up and configured. On completion, you will be logged into Sims Student. Setting up an account for SIMS student


Signing back into Sims Student.

1)  Click the icon for Microsoft.


2)  Enter your email address and computer password.


If you have a question about your SIMS Online Services Account, please contact IT Signing back into Sims Student

Download the Option Booklet here


Year 9 Options

Please find below the PowerPoint Presentation for Year 9 Options



Year 9 Options Date  
MDO Assembly 06.12 OPTIONS. 07th Dec 2023 Download
Open Evening Presentation 22.02 23rd Feb 2024 Download
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