Ski Trip 2020 - Useful Information


Staff are experienced skiers and novices, all are experienced with trips.

Mr E Dronfield
Mr J Easlick
Mrs U Bell
Mr T Rose

Major Rules2alps4

NO skiing without teachers or instructors (loss of a days skiing/lift pass confiscated)
No Smoking
No Alcohol
Pupils are responsible for their own helmets, boots, poles and skis


Phones ARE allowed.  Not to be used for calls/texts etc whilst on the slopes.
Parents will have an emergency contact number
We will contact parents directly if there is a problem
Website - a daily blog
Students will call home on arrival and when nearing the school on return.


We recommend approx 100 Euros.  For snacks whilst there and food money for stops on the journey.
PLUS 50 cent / 1 Euro coins for the toilets on the journey (about 10)

Evening Activities

Ice Skating
Ice Gliding (Bumper Cars on Ice)


All Students will need their EU medical card (EHIC)
There is a £40 policy excess, which we will pay, you will refund this upon our return
Lift passes are not insured, very expensive to replace

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